Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chief Technology Officer

The CTO position is relatively new in corporate circles. It originally evolved out of the role of Director of Research in the 1970's. However, during the boom, the CTO title was adopted by the CIO shop, often as a deputy position. Chief Technology Officer: Defining the Responsibilities of the Senior Technical Executive is a collection of papers from research journals and popular trade publications on the role of the CTO. It attempts to give a wider definition of the importance of this role than just as part of the IT staff.

In the first chapter I offer five distinct patterns of the CTO position.

  • Genius - the brilliant scientist at a start-up company.
  • Administrator - part of the IT staff.
  • Advocate - customer facing service provider.
  • Director - head of the R&D labs.
  • Executive - C-suite executive pursuing new technologies that generate revenue.

From there I discussion the roles, responsibilities, and relationships that will make a CTO effective and successful.


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